Class 카테고리
[01]Livestock and fish
[02]Agriculture and forestry
[05]Organic products
[07]Energy, fuel and water
[08]Ores and minerals
[09]Quarried stone
[11]Leathers, furs and their products
[13]Clothing and footwear
[14]Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
[15]Furniture and linen
[16]Paper and board
[17]Printing and publishing
[18]Rubber products
[20]Plastic products
[21]Chemical base materials
[22]Chemical products
[23]Health, medical and pharmaceutical
[24]Hygiene and cleaning
[25]Basic metal products
[26]Metal constructions for the building industry
[27]Metal pipework, valves and containers
[28]Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
[29]Security equipment
[31]Glass, cement and ceramics
[32]Engines and mechanical parts
[33]Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
[37]Machinery and equipment for metalworking
[39]Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
[40]Electronic equipment. Telecommunications equipment
[42]Measuring and testing equipment
    [42000]Measuring and testing equipment
    [42010]Electrical measuring and controlling instruments
    [42020]Electrical and electronic measuring, monitoring and controlling instruments for various applications
    [42030]Magnetic and electromagnetic measuring instruments
    [42040]Measuring instruments, magnetism
    [42050]Electrical resistance measuring instruments
    [42060]Conductivity measuring instruments
    [42070]Instruments for measuring electrical currents
    [42080]Instruments for measuring electrical frequencies
    [42090]Measuring instruments for electromagnetic waves
    [42100]Ultrasonic measuring equipment
    [42110]Sound measuring instruments
    [42120]Vibration measuring instruments
    [42130]Speed measuring instruments
    [42140]Pressure measuring instruments
    [42150]Pressure regulating and controlling instruments
    [42160]Technical drawing instruments
    [42170]Mathematical and geometry instruments
    [42180]Length measuring instruments
    [42190]Volume measuring instruments
    [42200]Density measuring instruments
    [42210]Scales, balances and weighing machines
    [42220]Scales, balances and weighing machines by use
    [42221]Weighers, checking and sampling
    [42230]Accessories for scales, balances and weighing systems
    [42240]Dosing equipment
    [42250]Elasticity measuring instruments
    [42260]Viscosity measuring instruments
    [42270]Acidity measuring instruments
    [42290]Porosity measuring instruments
    [42310]Temperature measuring instruments NES
    [42330]Temperature regulating and control equipment NES
    [42340]Underwater testing and measuring instruments
    [42350]Flow meters
    [42351]Flow meters for corrosive fluids
    [42360]Flow control equipment
    [42370]Leak detection equipment for liquids
    [42380]Level measuring and control equipment for liquids
    [42390]Moisture measuring instruments
    [42400]Meteorological equipment
    [42410]Geodesy instruments
    [42420]Topography and surveying instruments
    [42440]Geomechanical measuring instruments
    [42450]Seismography instruments
    [42470]Test rigs
    [42480]Mechanical testing equipment
    [42490]Tensile testing equipment
    [42500]Dynamic testing equipment
    [42510]Structural testing equipment
    [42520]Hardness testing equipment
    [42530]Hydraulic testing equipment
    [42540]Thermal testing equipment
    [42560]Gas detection equipment
    [42570]Gas analysing equipment
    [42580]Odour analysing equipment
    [42590]Liquid analysing equipment
    [42600]Seal testing equipment
    [42610]Chromatography equipment
    [42630]Granulometry analysing equipment
    [42680]Instrument recorders for research and industry
    [42700]Testing equipment for the electrical industry
    [42701]Resistance boxes
    [42710]Testing equipment for the electronics industry
    [42720]Testing equipment for the aircraft industry
    [42730]Testing equipment for the motor vehicle industry
    [42740]Testing equipment for paper and paper pulp
    [42750]Testing equipment for the chemical industry
    [42760]Testing equipment for colours, paints and varnishes
    [42770]Testing equipment for rubber and plastic
    [42780]Testing equipment for the textile industry
    [42790]Agronomy testing equipment
    [42800]Testing equipment for the food processing industry
    [42810]Testing equipment for precious stones
    [42820]Testing equipment for the mechanical industry
    [42830]Testing equipment for climatic engineering
    [42840]Metal testing equipment
    [42850]Telecommunication measuring and testing equipment
    [42860]Testing equipment for industries (NES)
    [42870]Nuclear radiation testing equipment
    [42871]Ion and neutron detectors
    [42880]Control instruments for nuclear installations
    [42890]Measuring and controlling instruments, nuclear technology based
    [42900]Sampling equipment
    [42910]Metal detectors
    [42920]Counters (controlling equipment)
    [42930]Indicators (controlling equipment)
    [42940]Checking instruments, mechanical
    [42950]Components and accessories for precision measuring instruments
    [42960]Regulators (controlling equipment)
    [42970]Control systems, automatic
    [42971]Control systems, automatic, agricultural applications
    [42990]Installation and maintenance services for measuring and testing equipment
[43]Optical, photographic and cinematographic equipment
[44]Mandarin juice
[45]Precious stoneworking, watchmaking and jewellery
[46]Sports and leisure equipment
[48]Agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment
[49]Food, drink, tobacco and catering industry machinery and equipment
[50]Textile, clothing, leather and shoemaking machinery and equipment
[52]Chemical industry plant and equipment
[53]Rubber and plastic industry plant and equipment
[55]Paper and board making plant and equipment
[56]Printing equipment. Office and shop equipment
[57]Information technology (IT) and Internet
[59]Oil and gas industry plant and equipment
[60]Mining, quarrying and stoneworking plant and equipment
[61]Civil engineering and building machinery and equipment
[62]Handling and storage plant and equipment
[63]Packaging machinery, equipment and services
[65]Industrial subcontractors
[66]Means of transport
[70]Civil and marine engineering contractors
[71]Building industry
[72]Environmental services, renewable energies
[75]Transportation and logistic services
[78]Hospitality, tourism, hotel and catering industries
[79]Postal services, telecommunications, radio and television
[80]Services to businesses
[81]General traders, department and retail stores
[82]Financial and insurance services
[83]Hire and rental services
[84]Technical offices and engineering consultancies, architects
[85]Research and testing
[86]Education and training
[87]International organisations, administrations and associations
[88]Medical care, social services
[89]Leisure, culture and entertainment
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