Class 카테고리
[01]Livestock and fish
[02]Agriculture and forestry
[05]Organic products
[07]Energy, fuel and water
[08]Ores and minerals
[09]Quarried stone
[11]Leathers, furs and their products
[13]Clothing and footwear
[14]Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
[15]Furniture and linen
[16]Paper and board
[17]Printing and publishing
[18]Rubber products
[20]Plastic products
[21]Chemical base materials
[22]Chemical products
[23]Health, medical and pharmaceutical
[24]Hygiene and cleaning
[25]Basic metal products
[26]Metal constructions for the building industry
[27]Metal pipework, valves and containers
[28]Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
[29]Security equipment
[31]Glass, cement and ceramics
[32]Engines and mechanical parts
[33]Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
    [33000]Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
    [33010]Ovens, kilns and furnaces for industrial use
    [33020]Industrial ovens, kilns and furnaces accessories
    [33040]Boilers, by use
    [33050]Boiler accessories
    [33060]Industrial steam boilers
    [33070]Industrial steam boilers, by use
    [33080]Industrial steam boiler accessories
    [33090]Boilers and water heaters, domestic, gas
    [33100]Boilers and water heaters, domestic, solid and liquid fuel
    [33120]Gas burners
    [33130]Oil burners
    [33140]Burners NES
    [33150]Burner components
    [33180]Water condensers
    [33210]Radiators, domestic, gas
    [33230]Convector heaters
    [33250]Heat recovery systems
    [33260]Heat exchangers
    [33270]Heat exchangers, by use
    [33280]Cooling towers
    [33290]Cooling systems
    [33300]Heat exchanger, cooling tower, water condenser and radiator components
    [33320]Space heaters, domestic, solid and liquid fuel
    [33330]Stoves, domestic, solid and liquid fuel
    [33340]Central heating systems
    [33350]Central heating system components and accessories
    [33360]Floor or ceiling heating systems
    [33380]Water heaters, industrial
    [33400]Air heaters
    [33430]Autoclaves, by use
    [33450]Hot air generators
    [33480]Heating equipment, industrial, electric
    [33490]Heating equipment, industrial, electric, by use
    [33510]Heaters, industrial, electric
    [33520]Heaters industrial, electric, by use
    [33540]Immersion heaters, industrial, electric
    [33570]Radiators, domestic, electric
    [33580]Heating elements and electrothermal appliance accessories, domestic, electric
    [33590]Heating appliances, domestic, electric NES
    [33610]Refrigeration plant and equipment, industrial
    [33620]Freezers and deep-freezers
    [33630]Cryogenic plants
    [33640]Ice making and storing plant and equipment
    [33650]Ice making and preserving equipment for ice rinks
    [33660]Dry ice making and storing plant and equipment
    [33670]Components and accessories for refrigeration equipment
    [33680]Freeze drying plant and equipment
    [33690]Driers and drying plant, industrial, non-electric
    [33700]Driers, industrial, electric
    [33720]Ventilation equipment
    [33750]Ventilation, air conditioning (VAC) plants
    [33770]Air conditioners
    [33800]Air humidifiers
    [33810]Air dehumidifiers
    [33820]Air conditioner and ventilator components
    [33840]Air filtration equipment
    [33850]Air purification equipment
    [33870]Clean rooms
    [33880]Dust extraction equipment
    [33890]Dust extraction equipment, by use
    [33900]Fume extraction equipment
    [33910]Fume extraction equipment, by use
    [33920]Components and accessories for air filtration and purification, dust and fume extraction equipment
    [33940]Fans and ventilators
    [33950]Fans and ventilators, by use
    [33960]Industrial blowers
    [33970]Industrial blowers, by use
    [33980]Components for ventilators, fans and blowers
    [33990]Installation and maintenance services, for heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
[37]Machinery and equipment for metalworking
[39]Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
[40]Electronic equipment. Telecommunications equipment
[42]Measuring and testing equipment
[43]Optical, photographic and cinematographic equipment
[44]Mandarin juice
[45]Precious stoneworking, watchmaking and jewellery
[46]Sports and leisure equipment
[48]Agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment
[49]Food, drink, tobacco and catering industry machinery and equipment
[50]Textile, clothing, leather and shoemaking machinery and equipment
[52]Chemical industry plant and equipment
[53]Rubber and plastic industry plant and equipment
[55]Paper and board making plant and equipment
[56]Printing equipment. Office and shop equipment
[57]Information technology (IT) and Internet
[59]Oil and gas industry plant and equipment
[60]Mining, quarrying and stoneworking plant and equipment
[61]Civil engineering and building machinery and equipment
[62]Handling and storage plant and equipment
[63]Packaging machinery, equipment and services
[65]Industrial subcontractors
[66]Means of transport
[70]Civil and marine engineering contractors
[71]Building industry
[72]Environmental services, renewable energies
[75]Transportation and logistic services
[78]Hospitality, tourism, hotel and catering industries
[79]Postal services, telecommunications, radio and television
[80]Services to businesses
[81]General traders, department and retail stores
[82]Financial and insurance services
[83]Hire and rental services
[84]Technical offices and engineering consultancies, architects
[85]Research and testing
[86]Education and training
[87]International organisations, administrations and associations
[88]Medical care, social services
[89]Leisure, culture and entertainment
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