Class 카테고리
[01]Livestock and fish
[02]Agriculture and forestry
[05]Organic products
[07]Energy, fuel and water
[08]Ores and minerals
[09]Quarried stone
[11]Leathers, furs and their products
[13]Clothing and footwear
[14]Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
[15]Furniture and linen
[16]Paper and board
[17]Printing and publishing
[18]Rubber products
[20]Plastic products
[21]Chemical base materials
[22]Chemical products
[23]Health, medical and pharmaceutical
    [23000]Health, medical and pharmaceutical
    [23010]Pharmaceutical preparations for the central and autonomic nervous system and anaesthetics
    [23020]Pharmaceutical preparations for the cardiovascular system
    [23030]Pharmaceutical preparations for ear, nose and throat (ENT) and dentistry
    [23040]Pharmaceutical preparations for ophthalmology
    [23050]Pharmaceutical preparations for metabolism, nutrition, alimentary systems
    [23060]Pharmaceutical preparations for dermatology
    [23070]Pharmaceutical preparations for urology, gynaecology and obstetrics
    [23080]Pharmaceutical preparations for pneumology
    [23090]Chemotherapeutic preparations
    [23100]Gastroenterology and hepathology preparations
    [23110]Immunological preparations
    [23120]Antiseptics and antibacterial preparations
    [23140]Pharmaceutical preparations NES
    [23150]Parapharmaceutical preparations
    [23160]Medical preparations, oriental and Asian
    [23170]Pharmaceutical veterinary preparations
    [23180]Ultraviolet (UV), infrared and radiological equipment for biological and medical applications
    [23190]Ultrasonic equipment for biological and medical applications
    [23200]Medical equipment and instruments
    [23210]Surgical equipment and instruments
    [23211]Ophthalmic surgery equipment
    [23220]Anaesthetic and resuscitation equipment
    [23230]Blood transfusion equipment
    [23240]Medical examination equipment
    [23250]Hygiene and sterilisation equipment for medical and surgical use
    [23270]Equipment and instruments for medical laboratories
    [23271]Enzymatic analysers, automatic, for medical laboratories
    [23290]Dental laboratory equipment and supplies
    [23300]Dental prostheses
    [23310]Dental equipment and instruments
    [23320]Prostheses, medical
    [23330]Hearing aids
    [23340]Orthopaedic equipment
    [23350]Physiotherapy and spa equipment
    [23360]Equipment for the elderly, the disabled and reduced mobility people
    [23380]Urology equipment
    [23390]Gynaecological and obstetrical equipment
    [23400]Ophthalmic equipment
    [23410]Medical equipment, ear, nose and throat (ENT)
    [23420]Equipment for the nervous system
    [23430]Equipment for the cardio vascular system
    [23440]Pneumology equipment
    [23450]Gastroenterology and hepathology equipment
    [23460]Metabolism and nutrition equipment
    [23470]Dermatology equipment
    [23480]Thermotherapy and luminotherapy equipment
    [23490]Nuclear medicine equipment
    [23500]Medical and surgical equipment, veterinary
    [23530]Textile articles for medical and surgical use
    [23550]Paper and cardboard products for medical use
    [23570]Plastic products for veterinary use
    [23590]Rubber products for medical, veterinary and laboratory use
    [23620]Plastic products for hospital and medical use
    [23650]Plastic products for surgical, orthopaedic and dental use
    [23690]Medical glassware
    [23800]Wheelchairs and their accessories
    [23810]Chairs and seating, hospital and medical
    [23820]Beds, trolleys and fittings, hospital and medical
    [23830]Tables, hospital and medical
    [23840]Storage furniture, hospital and medical
    [23870]Furniture, hospital and medical NES
    [23900]Hospitals and clinics
    [23910]Health services, specialised
    [23930]Pathological and clinical laboratories
    [23940]Spas and health resorts
    [23980]Installation and maintenances services for medical equipment
[24]Hygiene and cleaning
[25]Basic metal products
[26]Metal constructions for the building industry
[27]Metal pipework, valves and containers
[28]Hardware, ironmongery, cutlery and tools
[29]Security equipment
[31]Glass, cement and ceramics
[32]Engines and mechanical parts
[33]Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
[37]Machinery and equipment for metalworking
[39]Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
[40]Electronic equipment. Telecommunications equipment
[42]Measuring and testing equipment
[43]Optical, photographic and cinematographic equipment
[44]Mandarin juice
[45]Precious stoneworking, watchmaking and jewellery
[46]Sports and leisure equipment
[48]Agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment
[49]Food, drink, tobacco and catering industry machinery and equipment
[50]Textile, clothing, leather and shoemaking machinery and equipment
[52]Chemical industry plant and equipment
[53]Rubber and plastic industry plant and equipment
[55]Paper and board making plant and equipment
[56]Printing equipment. Office and shop equipment
[57]Information technology (IT) and Internet
[59]Oil and gas industry plant and equipment
[60]Mining, quarrying and stoneworking plant and equipment
[61]Civil engineering and building machinery and equipment
[62]Handling and storage plant and equipment
[63]Packaging machinery, equipment and services
[65]Industrial subcontractors
[66]Means of transport
[70]Civil and marine engineering contractors
[71]Building industry
[72]Environmental services, renewable energies
[75]Transportation and logistic services
[78]Hospitality, tourism, hotel and catering industries
[79]Postal services, telecommunications, radio and television
[80]Services to businesses
[81]General traders, department and retail stores
[82]Financial and insurance services
[83]Hire and rental services
[84]Technical offices and engineering consultancies, architects
[85]Research and testing
[86]Education and training
[87]International organisations, administrations and associations
[88]Medical care, social services
[89]Leisure, culture and entertainment
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